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Best Vacations for Single Guys to Get Laid!

by Lorrain Jones

Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels

What better time to go on vacation than when you're single! Going on a vacation is the best way to experience new people and discover new things about yourself and the world. Not every vacation has to break the bank. It’s easy to explore new getaways and meet new people while staying on a budget if you know the right places to go.

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Joe Flanagan, founder of fashion blog “90s Fashion World,” highly recommends going to Punta del Diablo in Uruguay on vacation as a single man. Flanagan describes Punta del Diablo as ‘paradise incarnate.’ He is filled with warmth when he thinks of the relaxed atmosphere and spectacular isolated beaches of Punta del Diablo. Flanagan visited Punta del Diablo after hearing about it from a member of his editorial staff that is native to this country. Flanagan’s airplane tickets were around 200 USD (depending on where you are flying from but you can get tickets as cheap as 150 from Miami). Flanagan says the Airbnb options range from 15 USD to 90 USD a night if you rented a cabin (this was usually for four to six people, ideal for a getaway with a couple of friends).

Flanagan barely had to budget for food due to the inexpensive cuisine in Uruguay. He often visited little restaurants and pescaderías that served fish caught on the day. An expensive dish was around 20 USD and a cheap meal was around six, Flanagan recalls.

Flanagan made a lot of connections on his trip and stayed friendly over the distance back home. He says most of the locals speak English and welcome foreigners. Flanagan met a lot of Uruguayan women, who were incredibly easy to talk to, at the beach's bars or the cabins near the shore. He would strike conversations with locals around town throughout his daily adventures. Flanagan surfed, hiked, and sunbathed under the warmth of the Uruguay sun. He admits that most of his activities were beach-related because of the rustic landscape. And once the sun went down; the city came to life. Parties would spontaneously form on the beach allowing anyone to join and partake in the fun. The markets that were open during the day transformed into nightstands after the sun went down.

According to Suzanne Bratton, a content curator for, an online travel agency featuring tours and attractions in some of the most popular destinations in the USA, choosing the best vacation spot for single men is a no-brainer. As someone who has worked in the travel and hospitality industry for over 10 years, Bratton says the best vacation spot for single men is New Orleans, Louisiana. Trip Shock offers the top attractions in New Orleans at the best rates online, so meeting new people in Louisiana doesn’t cost a month's salary. “New Orleans is the place to be if you’re looking for a non-stop party, fun and friendly people, and diverse and eclectic culture and atmosphere. New Orleans is a city full of magic as well, so you never know what amazing encounters may come your way when in the Big Easy!” said Bratton. New Orleans is filled with hidden gems of free entertainment such as live street performers, mechanical bull rides at The Bourbon Cowboy, and tons of new people to meet in NOLA. “New Orleans is synonymous with celebration and camaraderie,” said Bratton.

The flavors of New Orleans cuisine dance on your taste buds. New Orleans is known for its renowned Cajun dishes and many romantic restaurants to set the mood for a night of romance. Popular spots such as Commander’s Palace, French 75, and Cane & Table serve the most authentic New Orleans ambiance with the true music and flavor of the city. According to Bratton, Bourbon Street is the place to be in New Orleans. As one of the main streets that runs through New Orleans’s historic French Quarter, Bourbon Street is bursting with life. Bourbon Street erupts with drinks and free-spirited people from all over creating the perfect storm for singles to meet and let loose.

Bars are scattered on every corner of the city, making New Orleans the perfect scene to meet other singles and form connections long term or even just for the night. House of Blues New Orleans and The Spotted Cat Music Club create an intimate environment for meeting new people and simply drinking in the night and enjoying being young in the city. “This fantastic city, however, is more than just parties and hookups but has an awesome dating scene, as well. This historic city is full of wonder, with tons of things to do to spark romance,” said Bratton. If you do end up finding a connection with someone in New Orleans, there are numerous romantic date ideas to create the perfect atmosphere to see if this relationship goes beyond a one week vacation. There are elegant horse-drawn carriage rides, dinner cruises, and cooking classes that allow for accidental touches and for two people to find each other's quirks and sense of humor.

Wherever you end up going, as a single man you deserve a vacation to enjoy the life and freedom you have. Whether you're searching for a lover or searching for your true self, a vacation is the best place to explore all of your options as a single man while sticking to a budget. Even the simplest vacation, done right and with a financial budget, can help you discover exactly what you're looking for.

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