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Give the Gift of Smooth Waves

How to take care of Black male hair by Lorraine Jones

Photo courtesy of Wave Glyder

Help a man in your life stay wavy this season with the Wave Glyder! Many African Americans know how much time and effort goes into styling and maintaining coarse hair. With the grease, combs, and durags, it's a whole production just to do simple tasks like preparing to go to sleep at night. Also, it's a struggle every morning to comb through a kinky afro for most Black men. New tools and appliances such as the Wave Glyder make obtaining this smooth style hassle-free. It's designed to smooth down those stubborn hairs that stick out of your durag, or the ones that run away from your head after you brush it all out.

Many men have exhausted all of the products and tricks such as Vaseline or wave grease to soften their coarse hair. They spend all kinds of time and money on products, tools, and trips to the barber to perfect their personal style. A lot of men care about their hair just as much as women do, spending just as many hours and dollars in a barbershop as women do in a hair salon. The Wave Glyder helps him perfect that personal flair that pulls his whole look together in a process as simple as brushing his hair. For a lot of men, this innovative tool revolutionizes their hair care routine, making the Wave Glyder an unforgettable gift this holiday season.

The wave is a very popular hairstyle among Black men, requiring many steps and techniques to achieve fresh ridges. The Wave Glyder is a simple way to lay down waves without a trip to the barbershop. It acts like a surfboard coasting through your kinks, easily moving along the rapids with the rubber comfort grip, creating one fluid continuous flow of hair. This product is designed to keep oils and moisture in. The Wave Glyder eliminates the original “plastic bag” method. It works with your natural wave pattern for an effortless transition to this fresh hair flow.

Created by experienced barber Perry Petit-Beau, the Wave Glyder was designed with the user in mind. This device is almost as small and just as convenient as your cell phone. It comes with two interchangeable attachment heads; the classic rigid head that is designed to glide parallel with your specific wave pattern, and the fingerprint attachment head that imitates the glide over the waves with the curves of your fingerprint. The Wave Glyder is an easy gift idea this holiday season that not only focuses on Black men but also supports a Black-owned business!

YouTube creator 2Sin WaveSensei, said that this product is a “game-changer.” In a YouTube video, he describes the way that the traditional plastic bag method needs to be updated. When his hand is in the crinkling sandwich bag, it gets sweaty and uncomfortable while trying to smooth down the waves. The Wave Glyder allows him to eliminate the plastic bag from his routine entirely. As he mentions in the product review, he interacted with Petit-Beau, by asking him direct questions about the device over social media. He immediately received a response and admires Petit-Beau for such hands-on customer service. That personal conservation made him appreciate the Wave Glyder company even more.

Another wave expert, founder of the Black-owned clothing line ‘Glate’ and Youtube content creator Xavier Johnson, known as ‘Deep Wave,’ uses the Wave Glyder in his daily hair care routine. In a tutorial video, he describes how the Wave Glyder is unmatched. He prefers the thumbprint attachment for the slope of the back of his head and the raised standard attachment for the front of his head. “Nothing can get your hair laid down like a Wave Glyder after a brush session,” said Johnson.

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