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Going to the Gym With a Girl

by Lorraine Jones

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Forget that you hate the gym by working out as a couple! There are hidden benefits to bringing your significant other to the gym that most people overlook. Working out can be an emotional experience when adrenaline is high and people are pushed to their breaking points.

Kuudose trainers and husband and wife duo, Lauren Rice (ACE certified) and Vita Piatnochka (CPT) are the perfect example of a couple working out together. The two have dedicated their lives to fitness and wellness.

A spouse can be a great spotter when tackling heavy weights. “Contrary to popular belief you don't have to find a strong spotter. One can get by with anyone who can add 3-10% (of the total mass) directional force needed to continually move the total mass (that's why you see guys helping a 400lb bench press with 2 fingers),said Piarnochka.

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“My wife and I do squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, presses, pull-ups and rows. When she goes heavy I often do an extended warmup or higher reps. If we are using dumbbells she can use one and I will use the pair,” said Rice. He admits that competition starts to brew when he and his wife do abs and stretching. They push each others’ limits and motivate the other when going for heavier weights. “No one should want to keep you safer than your significant other...No one else will reap the benefits either!" said Rice.

Robert Herbst, personal trainer, weight loss and wellness expert, and 19-time World Champion powerlifter, believes that working out together is a ‘win-win’ situation for couples. Common workouts for couples are bench press weight lifting and squats. “The men tenderly spot the women on their lighter weights and the men then go heavier than they ordinarily would have because they want to impress the woman. It is thus a win-win because it brings the couples together and the men wind up pushing themselves,” said Herbst.

Whenever you're dripping sweat and breathing heavily while struggling through a workout, it's always nice to look up and have your number one supporter by your side to motivate you….. Or struggle with you. Going to the gym as a couple can act as a testament to your relationship, trusting the other to spot you and motivating the other in times of weakness. These skills could also be applied to other aspects of the relationship too.

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