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How to Get a Girl to Like You Over Text

by Kaila Coleman

Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels

Texting is hard. I mean it’s easy, but when you meet a new person, texting can be so challenging. When you chat with your friends and conversations can last days; you are comfortable saying things you would normally say to them. Then you download a new dating app and boom! Now you’ve got this amazing woman you are trying to impress over text. What do you say? How do you know she likes you? How does she know you like her?

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Let’s establish ground-level knowledge. She knows you like her because you are texting her. You know she likes you because she gave you her number, which is important to remember; she invited you to text her. You want this girl to know you want her and you want her to want you too, right?

Lesson number one; do not send her a picture of yourself in any regard unless she asks. I recently met a guy on an app and we talked on that app for almost a month before he got my number. He never sent me unsolicited photos or pressured me to Snapchat him. He let the conversation progress the way people naturally communicate.

Gentlemen, if you want a woman to want you, talk to her. I know you hear this time and time again about how you should listen to her when she talks and validate her by doing such and such. I get it, it feels like the same message every time. But look at it this way, if a girl texted you all day, every day, you would get tired of her.

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The same goes for girls. We do not want you to blow up our phones! We need space just as much as you do. So, let’s look at what you should do. Your time is important. I know during a pandemic some of us aren’t as busy as others, but I should be able to watch a TV show in completion without seven texts waiting for me at the end. Text her when you feel like it. Don’t feel like you have to text her all day to keep her interested. When you wait to text her when you feel like it, it shows that you have things you are doing and you value her time. I know a guy who works from home and he texts me in the morning and at night when he is off work. Sometimes I’ll get an afternoon text but there is no pressure to talk all day about nothing.

If you want a girl to want you, talk about the things you love to do when the boys aren’t around. A girl will assume you love sports but maybe when you go home alone you are a fine wine connoisseur. Mention those things! Spark up a conversation around your preferences in the kitchen. I almost swooned when a guy told me that he made Italian Tuscan soup from scratch.

A lot of women want to care for a man; but we do not want to babysit a man, talking about self-sufficiency is hot. It’s also hot when you talk about your passions outside the office and the bedroom. What podcasts are you listening to? What places are you going to while we can’t see each other? Building a normal conversation is going to take time, but soon she will want you as much as you want her.

The singular, most challenging thing to do over text is compliment a woman. You have a higher chance of sounding like the creep she never wants to hear from again if you compliment her body. Compliment her taste in something or something she likes. I recently sent a picture of myself walking my dog and he was so excited about my pup that I almost glazed over his compliment. When I caught it though, it felt so genuine, as if he was standing in front of me saying it.

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When you’re texting a girl, always imagine that you are face to face with her and say the things you would say to her face. There is nothing sexy about a guy who makes the girl do all the texting. I want to know about you, so tell me about you! The best advice I can give is that your quirky self is way more interesting and sexier than acting like an over-sexed ape. The sex will come once you allow yourself to become your true, unapologetic self. Tell the stories you are embarrassed to tell, they are endearing and make you a human I want to sleep with at the end of the day.

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