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Sexercise Workouts for Couples

by Lorraine Jones

Photo by W R from Pexels

Sex has more benefits than you’d think. Ever find yourself struggling to catch your breath after a passionate round of sex? Your heart is beating out of your chest as you lay there in amazement at what just happened. Sex can act as a real workout for some couples. Both of you pushing yourselves, sometimes to places you’d never think you'd go before. Sex can test your heart rate, flexibility, and muscle strength depending on your level of fitness.

Sandra Larson, nurse, relationship expert, and co-founder of My Sex Toy Guide, says that sex can be made a workout if the following positions are included: standing against the wall, bridge, scissors, wheelbarrow, and squat. “In the standing against the wall position—which can be done against a wall or staircase rails, works for several muscle groups. It is the most stamina demanding position,” said Larson, “It strengthens your core and helps build those muscles.”

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The bridge position is only physically demanding to the submissive partner, working on their biceps, abs, triceps, and glutes. This person has to lie on their backs and hold on with their arms and legs while making sure their body is parallel to the bed. Scissors, although not perceived as physically demanding by most, can still be considered exercise. During the no-movement thrusts, it slowly works out the thighs and engages in the core.


The wheelbarrow position burns fat for both partners. It targets a woman’s arms while strengthening a man’s leg muscles. The man uses gentle hands to support the woman’s thighs, building his protective arm muscles.

Squat. Squats. Squats! Squats are such an underrated position that burns more calories than you’d think. In the squat position, your abs, calves, and pelvis are being pushed to their limits. Larson recommends squatting and resting on your feet instead of resting on your knees during the Cowgirl position to reap the full benefits of this workout. Photo:

Amy Olson, a sex & relationship expert, has seen in her career how sex can act as an intense workout if you use the right positions. Certain positions push more intense physical demands. The ‘Victory’ position tests a female’s flexibility but varies depending on different heights. For maximum pleasure, it is ideal to have a less height difference. In the ‘Victory’ position, push your partner against the wall, ask her to put one leg on your shoulder to give you access to penetrate. Standing positions can test a male’s strength and muscle stamina during sex. “Since it involves lifting of some kind, it acts as a great workout for the giving partner. The core and upper-leg strength comes into play and thus requires a greater amount of stamina than sitting positions. The receiving partner also receives a greater kind of satisfaction because of relatively deeper penetration,” said Olson.

For advanced fitness positions, Olson recommends the ‘bridge’. In this position, the partner folds themselves into a bridge, using all four limbs to hold their body weight. The ‘bridge’ tests all the strength of the receiving partner and is only advised if the female is very strong.

How does sex help sexually?

Just like working out or eating right, sex can also be very beneficial in a healthy routine. Creating healthy habits and routines helps people navigate through life but many people leave sex out of the equation entirely. Tiffany Yelverton, founder and Chief Sexinista® of Entice Me® and Sexy Survivors, refers to sex as “life’s lubricant”. Entice Me educates men and women to have more pleasurable and fulfilling sex lives, healthily. She makes sure she puts self-sex into her daily routine.

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“I would rather have a protein shake and an orgasm, than a more elaborate lunch!” said Yelverton. Self-pleasure is an excellent form of self-care. “When we self-pleasure the neurochemicals and endorphins released at the climax, especially oxytocin (the cuddle chemical) create self-love instead of a bond with a partner. It boosts confidence, improves performance and cognitive function, as well as helping to overcome body image issues,” said Yelverton.

As a single gal, Yelverton doesn’t have sex as much as she would like. She is very particular about who she lets into her bed. She believes that to create a healthy routine people should masturbate every day even if you are having partnered sex. To her, it's a different release. “Three or more orgasms a week can lower heart disease by 50% and also make you look 5-7 years younger—and change up your sex routine. Try something new. We don't eat the same food every day so why have the same sexual routine each encounter,” said Yelverton.

Yelverton realized that she is much more productive and motivated after sex. “I always text my lover to come over when I have a busy week coming up and need to kill it for sales presentations,” said Yelverton. She believes that sex is the backbone of every relationship. To Yelverton, when a couple is connected sexually, life is easier and the stresses and irritations in the world vanish.

Carmel Jones, a writer and relationship coach, can also testify that sex does wonders for your mood. “Not only does it enhance self-esteem, but it also increases serotonin levels, helps with pain relief, aids in sleep, and enhances bonds within relationships. Having this boost of good energy and self-esteem is equally beneficial for situations outside of the bedroom,” said Jones.

Kayla Lords, a sex expert for Jack and Jill Adult, thinks that incorporating sex into your daily routine is easier than you realize.“I have partnered sex once or twice a week but find other ways to incorporate sexual desire, flirtation, and arousal into my life. That could be sensual yet non-organic touch, BDSM play like bondage or impact play, as well as masturbation,” said Lords. She notices that in the immediate aftermath of sex, she feels calm, relaxed, and less stressed. And when she hasn't had sex for a long period she becomes irritable. She would describe a healthy routine in which someone has enough sex to the point in which he or she feels satisfied and confident in their relationship.

Sex doesn’t have to be something to be ashamed of or something to hide. Sex can be just as much part of your daily routine as swinging through the Starbuck drive-thru. Sex is important for getting to know yourself and feeling connected to yourself as well as increasing inner strength and empowerment.

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